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Sticky Post

Hello, I am calliglad! I am a not-so prolific writer and podficcer in a number of fandoms that include Merlin, its corresponding RPF, Supernatural, Sherlock and my new vice, Inception. I also lurk in quite a few other fandoms so if you've got something you'd like to talk about or, say, have a fic in mind that you'd particularly like to hear podficced in my slightly posh British accent, but you're not sure if I'm in that fandom, just drop me a line. Chances are, I'm a least familiar and if not, then maybe I should be!

Here are things I have writtenCollapse )
And here are things I have podficcedCollapse )

On the subject of friending - feel free! There's virtually nothing f-locked in my journal, but I'm always happy to meet new people. Just give me a bell to let me know. I am also extremely forgetful, so if I don't friend you back immediately, this is not because I think you're a crazy stalker or something, I probably just got distracted by something shiny.

podfic: The Trouble With Courting

Title: The Trouble With Courting
Author: Thursday_Next
Length: 40m29s
Fandom: Merlin BBC (Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot, Arthur/Gwen)
File info: .mp3, 38.9MB / .m4b, 16.2MB

Summary: None of his princely training in diplomacy seemed to cover what to do in cases where you can't make your mind up to propose to the lady you are courting or what to do when your manservant is crossed in love and it's inexplicably making you unhappy. In which Arthur is oblivious, Merlin is lovesick, Gaius tries to help, Gwaine doesn't, and there just might be a reason Arthur keeps putting off proposing to Gwen, if only he could figure out what it is...

MP3 | M4B

Recorded as a prize for eosrose's brilliant efforts in last year's amplificathon. Been sitting around so long I forgot it wasn't listed on my journal :/


Just thought I'd inform, in case any of you think I've died or if I miss a check-in date for big bang, I'm going on holiday for two weeks and will be out of internet range. Have a lovely time while I'm gone and I will see you in August!

fic: One Could Be Forgiven

Title: One Could Be Forgiven
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~5.4k
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own, nor am I affiliated with Inception or any other subject in this story. This is for entertainment purposes with no wish to offend.

I've apparently had pneumonia for the last couple of months and never realised, so while I've been belatedly laid up in bed, I wrote this, which has been nagging at me for some time.

Eames secretly hates working jobs with Ariadne, because they always end up working out of Paris, so that she can still attend classes, and Eames hates Paris. Hates it with a passion so bigoted and without foundation that he suspects he inherited it.Collapse )

I must have really crappy genes

I am very sorry I have been off the radar lately. I have been writing things (big bang things and inception guilty pleasure things) and I have been recording things. However, I've been distracted from these wonderful things for a variety of reasons, but mostly:

1 - Hawaii Five O (because it is FRICKIN' AWESOME, YOU GUYS. I'm only halfway through and I am so in love, it's untrue. I haven't felt this way about something since Stargate Atlantis).

2 - I have many things that are wrong with my eyes, shortsighted, astigmatism, but a few years ago I got a couple of tears in my retina and had to have eye surgery. Now those tears are patched up, but now I also apparently have a ruptured blood vessel underneath the retina, near my macula. Result = more consultations, more medical students staring into my eyes and more surgery, elsewise imminent blindness. Laaaaaaverly.

So, yes. Please bear with me while I get everything in order. Fic will be written, podfic will be recorded, other people's fic will be read, probably while wearing an eye patch (which is slightly awesome because, you know, pirates over ninjas any day) XD

Recipe: South African Curry

I am a real fan of cooking and this is possibly my favourite dish ever. It's a really interesting mix of sweet and spicy, a good mix of flavours, and it's not too difficult. I'm not sure about the availability of some of the ingredients, but the average UK supermarket should stock all these things.

South African Curry, om nom all goneCollapse )

RPF Big Bang!

Okay, so I'm embarking on my second outing with the merlinbb_rpf crew, and it's going to be another awesome ride this year! If you have any interest whatsoever in writing or making artwork for the challenge, get thyself down there and sign up. I had a wonderful time last year, my first big bang experience, and I'd heartily recommend it to anyone.

(graphic by gwyntastic)

This year I'm going to attempt something of a rare pairing (not involving Bradley or Colin *le gasp*)! At least, I probably will :S I basically have the story down, I just need to iron out the characters into something suitable, and I need to test a few things before I can really throw myself into it. But yes! I am excited! :D :D

Community Search

Am I going mad, or was there a community that was created a while ago that was called something like 'knights galore', a community dedicated to all of Merlin's knights of the round table?

Because I've been searching and I can't find anything of the sort. And I would be very disappointed if it all turned out to be in my imagination :(

bad news, then good news

Re-remembered how difficult it is to record podfic while at uni. I will probably be able to churn some out in exam period, while my housemates are revising, though, so all is not lost.

I have a possible plot for my merlinbb_rpf! Hooray, now for nitty gritty planning!